“Who am I?”

“What am I doing here?”

“Where am I headed?”

“What is the purpose of my life?”

Such questions often herald the beginning of one’s journey to self realization.

Spiritual PathOne of the many ways of connecting with the Universal Consciousness is through Kriya Yoga – an ancient Yogic Meditation technique that will help you find the answers that you are looking for.

Everybody’s path is unique, and Kriya Yoga techniques will help you discover your connection with your inner self, and help you discover the answers to these and many such questions, while connecting you with the Universal Consciousness. More about Kriya Yoga.

Rahul Pathak and Sameer Patwardhan are Authorized Hamsacharyas, following in the footsteps of their Guru Yogiraj Siddhanath. Their aim is to help humanity understand the deeper messages and benefits of Kriya Yoga, and help people find their path to self realization.

A trained professional chef, and a computer science professional, Rahul discovered his true calling in a series of coincidental occurrences in his life that eventually led to him finding his true calling in life. More about Rahul. Sameer is an Engineer and an IT Professional, who discovered that he too was on a spiritual journey as his heart sought out the path to spiritual fulfillment. More about Sameer.

Kriya Yoga can help you find your path, and help you gain clarity about your purpose in life too!

Join Rahul and Sameer at one of their Workshops to start your journey towards self realization. Contact Rahul or Sameer to learn more, and get started.